Our Story

2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue is kicking off the 2016 capital campaign, Project Furever Home. Our goal is to raise $500,000 to have a permanent facility, on at least four acres of land, with multiple play yards and a building for healing, celebrating, grooming, boarding and short-term housing for our rescue dogs. There is a huge need for ailing and senior dogs that will never find a forever home but need us as their forever family. We need your financial support to reach our goal.

As humans, we have a complicated relationship with our elderly. Typically admired for their wisdom and life experiences we cherish the time we have with them as they get older. Often, however, they’re viewed as a burden when they become dependent and can’t live alone any longer.

Unfortunately, many people feel the same way when their furry companions are no longer healthy puppies or even agile adults. But when their mobility declines and their senses dim, many of us do our best to navigate this new territory. We savor the time we have with them and spare no expense for their comfort.

Some pets, however, meet a different fate. When medical treatment becomes too expensive or care too intensive, when they become, in essence, a burden, they are turned out of their homes and abandoned to high kill shelters. It is these animals that need your help – that need a Furever Home. A safe place where they won’t go hungry or neglected. No more changes, no more surprises – they just need us!

Our new facility will serve as a sanctuary for senior dogs that need a peaceful and safe refuge. In addition, we will have an atrium where people in need of quiet healing can come and sit in front of a fireplace or cascading water wall and comfortably cuddle with a senior dog that needs their love as much as they need to give it. Learn more about 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue at www.2ndchance4liferescue.org

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